Miami Flat Fee Divorce

Even if you have children from the marriage, here’s the information you need to get your divorce done quickly, hassle-free, and with less stress.


When it comes to divorce, most people ask themselves:

  • What will it take?      
  • How long will it take?     
  • What will it cost?

If you are considering a divorce, you are probably asking yourself these same questions; and here you will find the answers to those questions.

The Short Version – The 60-Second Summary

Only 2 types of divorces

First, here is one key piece of information you need to have: there are only 2 types of divorces-  an uncontested divorce OR a contested (or litigated) divorce.

  • Uncontested Divorce:  Simply put, this is the one where you and your spouse agree on everything that needs to be decided to finalize your divorce in a way that works for you. You avoid spending more money than necessary, spending more time than necessary, and you reduce the emotional stress usually created by the process of divorce.
  • Contested or Litigated Divorce: This is the one where you and your spouse don’t agree on one or more things.  When this happens, you both will get to spend your time, spend money to get in front of a judge so that whatever you don’t agree on can be decided for you by that judge. You also may get the bonus of the emotional and financial roller coaster – the frustration of how long the contested divorce process is, anxiety over the uncertain outcome as  you wait for the judge to decide, and the hourly fees of getting it done.

If YOU Can Answer “YES” to the 3 Questions Below, I Can Help You Get it Done in About 30 Days (sometimes less).

—YOUR answers to these 3 questions will tell you if you qualify for an Uncontested Divorce You Can Start Online

  1.  Are you and your spouse in agreement that the marriage is over?
  2.  Have you and your spouse agreed on what to do with whatever property or debt you  have?
  3. If you have children, do you and your spouse agree on the time-sharing with the children, and that the court will have to set an amount of child support if the Florida Child Support Guidelines indicate that there should be one?

How much will it cost?

I use the benefit of my 20+ years of experience as a Miami divorce lawyer to provide you a professional service for a flat fee, specifically  custom-fit for your individual situation.

In this way, you don’t pay an hourly fee, and know what your flat legal fee will be from  the beginning.

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This service is Not about…

…You filling out forms online, printing them and filing your divorce on your own, which is what most “divorce online” sites advertise.  That’s called filling-up forms online.

That’s not what I mean by an “online divorce.”

We complete the divorce papers you will sign, using the information we will ask you for; and we file the case in court to get the case started.

More importantly, I go to court with you on the day of the divorce final hearing.

You are not left alone to wonder around the Courthouse making long lines at the Self-Help Center, or asking legal questions that they cannot answer.

What I do for you, that the online divorce form outfits and the friendly folks at Self-Help cannot do, is answer all your legal questions via telephone while the divorce is pending, (which I prefer) or via email (which I will do if that’s what you want but it takes longer).

If you are ready to get divorced, you answered “Yes” to the 3 questions above, and what you and your spouse want is to get on with your lives as soon as possible, then you can start this easy process right now.  It is the easiest way to get a divorce!

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IMPORTANT:  After you submit your information, please check your email (including your SPAM  folder).