60-Second Summary

60-secondsWant to know about our Miami Flat Fee Divorce Service but don’t have much time?


Give our 60-Second Summary a Try.
Our Service Gives You a Fast, Hassle-Free Divorce- Professionally Done!

1. My flat-fee service saves you time and money by getting your uncontested divorce done in less than 30 days from the date we open the divorce in court.

2. If you and your spouse agree on everything, I take the headache out of the legal process of divorce by doing all the paperwork for you AND doing all the court legwork through the date of your divorce hearing. That’s what an uncontested divorce with us is all about.

3. This works even if you have children. All you need to do is have an understanding with your spouse as to time-sharing and the fact that the court has to set a child support amount. We do the parenting plan—writing the agreement—for you, including the child support guidelines calculation.

4. Works if you have property and/or debt. I write up your agreement with your spouse for this too.

5. You can start it right now, online. Simply provide your information below and we get in touch with you to get your details and quote you a flat fee.

6. We make it easy for you to get the divorce done! How easy? This easy:

“I work almost 24/7, to plan a divorce is a tedious process, the fact that you can start the process by email is just perfect!. Vivian is an Excellent Lawyer, accessible, on time, everything was fast, simple and clear, one day I filled the papers and right away at the Court House and done. That’s SERVICE!!! I highly recommend My Lawyer Vivian Rodriguez, Professionalism and Superb Service!!!!”
~LL, Broward, Fl

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