About Us

I’m Vivian Rodriguez and I’m delighted you want to find out more about what I offer for getting a divorce done without leaving you and your family broke, stressed and resentful.

I’ve helped thousands of clients with their divorce during my 25-plus years as a divorce lawyer in Miami, Florida.

Some of my clients have gone through the expensive and frustrating experience of a contested or litigated divorce, sometimes just because their spouse doesn’t really understand that trying to work it out is better for  everyone (including kids) than a legal fight.

Others have been fortunate and been able to use the process I offer here, which is an uncontested divorce with professional help.   Here’s what some of my past clients have to say about working with me.

This process is designed to avoid the hourly fee associated with divorces, and using my experience to avoid obstacles that leads to litigation.

Along the way you can avoid the anger, frustration and fear created by litigated divorces.

Wondering if I can help you and your family navigate this process?

Either way, you’ll hear from me within 1 business day.