Is This Process for You?

The benefits of an uncontested online divorce go beyond the flat fee.  Here’s how you can tell if you can reap these additional benefits–or you can simply download our free Flat Fee Divorce Checklist   (a pdf document) to see if the process will work for you:

This online divorce process  will work for you if you:

Are a busy professional?

If you spend your days working, this process will not interfere with your career or work. Whether you’re a CPA, sales execute, on the fast track to a promotion, or even a lawyer—yes, I’ve done this process for other lawyers who do not do family law but need a divorce and know how expensive and time-consuming litigation can be.

Are just plain busy?

Even for an “average” Joe or Jane, this process can work quickly to finalize a divorce and for each of you to get on with your lives.

Want to preserve assets for you and your family?

If you have accumulated assets (property) during your marriage and you and your spouse have an agreement as to how to divide it, then it will allow you to keep those assets rather than squandering them in litigation.

By this I mean having to use liquid assets to pay your own attorney’s fees in a litigated divorce or having a judge decide that either you or your spouse will have to pay the other’s fees. Using this process you get to limit the amount you spend on a divorce because it’s all done for a flat fee.

It doesn’t matter what kinds of properties you have or how you and your spouse have agreed to divide it. You can still benefit from my experience of over 25 years doing complex divorces that will allow me to suggest different options for you to implement what you’ve agreed to do.

Want to keep your affairs private?

Most people don’t realize that divorce records are public records, with very few exceptions. When you and your spouse have an agreement, you can limit the amount of information about your affairs available out there for anyone to see.

Have children?

While I’m sure you know divorces with children required additional provisions, what I like to emphasize about this process is this:  the best thing is that you and your spouse are not emotionally sidetracked or harmed by shenanigans in court. You each can continue to dedicate yourselves to your kids, working together for their benefit, without having to worry about what goes on in court as you do the divorce.

Want to have access to professional advice?

Even when you and your spouse have agreed on everything there are times when you may have legal questions that you need answered right away. With this online process I do not short-change my services to be able to quote you a flat fee—you still get full access to me by telephone and email.  This is not a form-filling service.

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