Same Sex (Gay Divorce) Florida

Same-sex marriage became legal in Florida in 2015.

This also means that you can now get a same-sex divorce  (or “gay divorce” as the media rainbow kite, florida same-sex divorcelikes to call it) in Florida, even if your same-sex marriage was performed in another state or country.

Besides granting the benefits of marriage to same-sex couples living in Florida, what legalizing same-sex marriage has done is provide access to the court for same-sex couples wishing to dissolve their marriage, whether they were married in Florida or in any other state or country.

Before that, you had to look for a state that would recognize gay marriage and find out what you needed to do to get it done.  This sometimes required one or the other of the spouses to establish a residence for a period of time before being able to file.  I know couples that this happened to, and were kind of stuck with not being able to move long enough to satisfy the residency requirement.

Thankfully, you can now get a same-sex divorce in Florida just as easily and quickly as many straight married couples.

It is not surprising that you will face many of the same issues as a any straight couple looking to get divorced.  The process of dissolving a same-sex marriage, a gay divorce, is no different than the process for a straight divorce.

These are the minimum or basic requirements for all divorces, including a gay divorce, in Florida:

1.   Either you or your spouse has to live in Florida for at least 6 months before filing the divorce.

2.  Your marriage must be irretrievably broken, which essentially means one of you has decided to get a divorce because the marriage is no longer working for you for any reason.

From this point forward, you face the same questions as a straight couple:

  • do you want a contested divorce? or
  • do you want an uncontested divorce?

You can just as easily take advantage of the benefits of an uncontested divorce by starting the process online.

Below is the table comparing the benefits of an uncontested divorce vs. a contested divorce:

Compare Benefits of an Uncontested vs. Contested

What will it take?agreement between you and your spouse that you want a divorce- lawyers
- evidence
- hearings/trial
- a judge to decide
How long will it take?- can take about 3 weeks
- can be started online
Depends on:
- calendar of judges and lawyers
- your ability to pay legal fees and costs
What will it cost?- flat fee
- filing fee
- usually a high initial retainer, along with hourly fees
- filing fees
- other court/legal costs related to litigation
Bonus Benefit-Less emotional stress
-great for spouses who want to get along after the divorce, especially if there are kids

Yes, I want more information

If you can answer “YES” to these 3 questions, then I can help you get a divorce in about 30 days (sometimes less):

YOUR answers to these 3 questions will tell you if you qualify for an Uncontested Divorce You Can Start Online

  1.  Are you and your spouse in agreement that the marriage is over?
  2.  Have you and your spouse agreed on what to do with whatever property or debt you  have?
  3. If you have children, do you and your spouse agree on the time-sharing with the children, and that the court will have to set an amount of child support if the Florida Child Support Guidelines indicate that there should be one?

This same sex divorce online process helps you by:

  • Not having to take off from work to go to an attorney’s office.
  • No hassles, hiccups, or uncertainty getting it done because you get legal advice all through the process (it’s part of the service I offer for this divorce once you hire me).
  • A flat fee divorce for the entire process, from divorce documents through the final hearing.
  • Getting it done in 3 weeks from the date I open the court file

How to Start Your Divorce Online With Us

  1.  Provide your contact information now.
  2.  Check your email for the email that asks you to confirm that you in fact are asking me to contact you.  I will contact you within 1 business day.
  3.  Once we’ve discussed your situation and you’re sure this process will work for you, we start the process.
  4.  Our fees are flat fees, plus the court’s filing fee, for the entire divorce process.

If you are ready to get more information about how to apply this to your situation, then please complete this form, and I will contact you within 1 business day:

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 IMPORTANT:  Please check your email to confirm that you requested me to contact you.