Vivian is the best attorney anyone could ask for. She handled my divorce is a quick and painless manner. From the time of initial contact to her preparation of the filing documents it was literally less than 24 hours. Once I handed her all the executed documents, she had a hearing date less than three weeks away! I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking a knowledgeable, expedient and reasonably priced attorney. Thanks Vivian!!

Bibi Villazon

The entire process from start to finish was a great experience. Vivian made it easy and painless. She answered every question and concern. She is a true professional. I highly recommend her.

P Perez

Vivian did an excellent job. She’s professional and thorough. I extremely recommend her and you will not be disappointed.

RO, Miami

Working with Vivian became a relief specially in very stressful times such as a divorce; her guidance and knowledge were key…

G, Miami, FL

Vivian made the divorce process as quick and painless as possible. She’s a true professional. Timely, knowledgeable, and personable.


Vivian is amazing! She was efficient, knowledgeable, friendly and the follow up was great! Her follow up to any questions, etc. were responded to within less than a day. Vivian was extremely thorough in the process and on the very last day in court, she was there to make sure everything was completed – even going with me to get my certified copies right after. Same day. It is very hard to find people like her. It was easy, quick and painless. I hardly had to do anything to make it happen – Vivian did. I HIGHLY recommend her!!!


If you want a quick and hassle free divorce, then Vivian is the perfect lawyer. It’s worry free. Just fill out [her intake] forms and you can be divorced in 2 weeks. I highly highly recommend Vivian Rodriguez as a divorce lawyer. Her services are a 10 on a scale of 1-10. My boss has used her too and she also was impressed!


Vivian was really proactive in responding me all my doubt before, during and after the process. All paperwork was handle properly and response was always very quick. She was very friendly to handle my case, I do recomend her to everyone…


I work almost 24/7, to plan a divorce is a tedious process, the fact that you can start the process by email is just perfect!. Vivian is an Excellent Lawyer, accessible, on time, everything was fast, simple and clear, one day I filled the papers and right away at the Court House and done. That’s SERVICE!!! I highly recommend My Lawyer Vivian Rodriguez, Professionalism and Superb Service!!!!

LL, Broward, Fl

I would absolutely recommend Vivian to anyone seeking an uncontested divorce. She was delightful to work with, making a seemingly daunting process very simple and easy to understand. She’s very quick to respond to any questions in a kind and helpful manner. I’m so glad that Vivian is available for us that just want a fast, uncomplicated divorce!


“From the initial contact to the final hearing, Vivian handled the entire process of my divorce with knowledge and compassion. Every step of the divorce was handled in an expeditious manner. Vivian was always just a phone call or email away. All questions were answered in a clear, concise and easily understandable way. I highly recommend Vivian C. Rodriguez, PA as the go-to attorney for an uncontested divorce. Vivian will definitely make a stressful situation less stressful for all parties involved.”


Vivian helped me with my uncontested divorce and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She was nothing but professional and took the time to explain in detail every step of the process. She returns emails in a promptly manner and was always available on the phone whenever I had a question. On court date, she showed up on time and stayed with me throughout the entire time from the moment we entered the court room until I got my divroce sentence. I highly recommend her.

CC, Miami, Fl

This was a quick and painless way to get divorced. I didn’t want to pay a lot but wanted to make sure I did everything the right way. If you are looking for an uncontested divorce I highly recommend Vivian, she called me right away, explained all the process, other lawyers I contacted make you come in face to face and charge by the hour. I did everything online and through the phone with her, it was fast, easy and as painless as a divorce can be. On top of that from the time she filed, I got divorced in 2 weeks! Thank you Vivian.


Vivian is extremely professional . Far the best choice in Miami.


“Vivian C Rodriguez is the best attorney anyone could ask for”. She handled my divorce in a quick and painless manner. Vivian handles her work properly and professionally. She returns emails, phone calls, and any other means of communication in a promptly manner. I consider Vivian not only my attorney but a friend who has guided me through my long journey. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking an knowledgeable attorney.